McKesson refuses to negotiate union agreement

Telephone triage company refuses union collective agreement and isolates nurses.

McKesson Asia Pacific, a private telephone-triage company currently advertising for Australian RNs to work in a Sydney telephone triage centre, is refusing to negotiate a collective agreement with the Union.

The exploitation of nurses’ vocational compassion and good will is a common occurrence in the contemporary workplace and McKesson, so far, appears to be no different.

Part of their ad reads: ‘You’ve chosen your profession because you care. The good news is that we care too.’

The ad goes on to say, ‘Your voice could be the one they hear. The one they turn to. The one that saves lives … your voice matters.’ As long as it’s not a collective voice that is.

The NSWNA encourages anyone working for McKesson to think carefully before agreeing to conditions that aren’t protected by a union agreement.

If you are thinking about applying for work with McKesson, think carefully!