Members agree, conditions are tops

‘I’m very happy with the results ’
Robyn Jillings will also enjoy the extra $15 per week as an endorsed EN at St Vincent’s Hospital. ‘The training was quite demanding on my time. The proposed extra $15 per week goes some way to recognising my extra skills. I’m very happy with the results we achieved. It was a good pay rise and the expansion of 10-hour night shifts to extra facilities is also a good idea. You work longer but it means one less shift per week.’

Extra pay recognises Olive’s hard work
Olive MacKenzie, EN at RPA Hospital, says she worked hard to gain the skills and qualifications required to administer medication. ‘ENs deserve to be paid extra for this effort. Being recognised through extra pay will encourage other ENs to do the training so they can be endorsed.’

Conditions just as important as pay rise
As a CNS at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sharon Boys hopes the proposed review of her classification next year will deliver an additional pay rise on top of the 14%. Sharon says nurses feel more respected and valued with the decent pay rise and proposed improved conditions. ‘The conditions are just as important as the pay.’

Helen and Julia get more time with their babies
With her baby due in early August, the proposed additional paid maternity leave comes as a big relief to Helen Saitannis (right), RN at St George Hospital.

‘I feel more peace of mind. I will be able to take extra time off to spend with my baby without worrying about how we are going to pay the mortgage. It’s very important to be able to spend time with my baby.’

With one week to go before she commences maternity leave, the increase in paid leave is ‘fantastic news’ to Julia Martin, RN at St Vincent’s Hospital. ‘It’s a huge financial burden when you have to stop work. This will make a big difference to my family. I’m planning to take double leave at half pay so I can spend extra time with my baby. This means I will have an extra 10 weeks to feed and nurture my baby.’

The people of NSW are behind nurses
As part of the ‘No Fix Without Nurses’ campaign, the NSWNA asked members of the public to show their support of a decent pay rise for nurses by sending a campaign postcard to the NSW government.

17,000 people showed their support for nurses by sending in a postcard, and a truckload were delivered to Premier Bob Carr’s office, turning up the heat on the government to do the right thing by our nurses.

The NSWNA wishes to thank the people of NSW for supporting nurses during their campaign for a fair pay rise.