Network strengthens Moran nurses


Confronted with an aggressive stance by their employer since the introduction of the federal government`s IR laws, Moran Health Care nurses have established a network to build strength and improve communications.

Nurses working for Moran Health Care throughout NSW have formed a network linking up NSWNA branches to im-prove communications among union members working for the company.

General Secretary Brett Holmes says the Association has sponsored the network as part of the NSWNA’s commitment to the aged care sector and to nurses working in it.

‘Moran has decided to take an aggressive stance against the NSWNA as we’ve previously reported in The Lamp.

‘They’ve tried to make it difficult since the beginning of the legislation and they’ve engaged a law firm known for giving seminars on how to sack people,’ he said.

‘We have set up this network so you know you are not alone and so you can share experiences and ideas with nurses working for Moran in other facilities,’ he told a gathering of Moran nurses.

Inconsistency across the company
At the meeting, a consistent theme in discussion was the unevenness of standards and conditions across the company’s facilities.
Fran Hamill, an RN from Glenmere Nursing Home, said she was surprised by the number of issues that existed in other Moran facilities.

‘We seem to be better off than other facilities. But aged care is a hard industry, no matter who you work for,’ she said.
Brett Holmes believes it is a time of flux in the aged care sector and that considerable challenges lie ahead for nurses working there.

‘We’ve heard stories of one RN looking after 160 residents. It is an enormous burden,’ he said.

‘But employers don’t have all the power. They need a workforce. They need skills. There are inspectors for accreditation they must satisfy. There is sensitivity in the community about aged care,’ he said.

‘It will be tough. But we’ll continue to fight and we’ll do so by every avenue open to us. This network across Moran facilities is a first and can be extended to other aged care providers.’

Join with other Moran nurses

If you work for Moran Health Care and want to be kept in the loop about the company and your rights at work, contact Melissa Byrne ( or Nola Scilinato( or call the NSWNA on 8595 1234 (metro) or 1300 367 962 (non-metro).

Aged care in the age of WorkChoices

Belief in the union
I see the need to fight collectively
to protect our award. With the new IR laws I want to be ready. I’m mindful there will be a lot of changes. I’m not sure how it will impact but it will.
Helen Wilkins,
Glenmere Nursing Home.

Belief in the profession
I want to give a fair go to those people who are elderly and have paid their dues to society. They deserve to be cared for extremely well. But these laws will see standards drop in aged care.
Carol Van’t Riet,
Murwillumbah Nursing Home.