New approach to managing performance

Question: I am a nurse manager working in a metropolitan LHD. I was recently advised that an amended approach is to be adopted when managing employee performance. Is that correct?

Answer: PD2016_040 (Managing for Performance) was recently released by the Ministry of Health without fanfare, and replaces PD2013_034. The new PD has a section dealing with unsatisfactory performance, which is to be undertaken within the framework established by the Government Sector Employment Rules and the Government Sector Employment Act 2013.

Importantly, employee performance must occur within well-developed procedures, which includes:

(i) a requirement to develop and utilise performance management systems;

(ii) that an employee has a right to have identified to them if their performance is unsatisfactory and the specific basis for it being so;

(iii) the employee must be notified prior to the employer taking any action;

(iv) the employee is given a reasonable opportunity to respond to any stated intention; and

(v) the employer must take into account any such response from the employee.