NSWNA commemorates our Star Recruiters

NSWNA’s Star Recruiters were honoured at a special ceremony before last month’s Committee of Delegates meeting in Sydney.

Recognising recruitment as the life-blood of the Association, NSWNA General Secretary Brett Holmes and Assistant General Secretary Judith Kiejda personally thanked 13 Star Recruiters who have signed-up more than 60 members each throughout their careers.

Amid enthusiastic applause from the committee, the Star Recruiters were presented with special badges and framed Certificates of Appreciation acknowledging their incredible contribution to the Association.

Another 17 recruiters who have achieved the same milestone will be presented with badges and certificates at meetings over the coming months.

Prior to the presentations, Brett took a moment to acknowledge those who has signed up ‘even a single member’, noting that if all members did that, NSWNA’s future would be assured.

‘We want to thank everyone who has recruited even one member but we felt it particularly important to recognise these extraordinary recruiters tonight,’ he said.

‘To put it in perspective, these 30 individual recruiters have signed up more than 5,000 NSWNA members between them.’

Karen Kenmir set the standard with an awe-inspiring total of 724 recruited members between 1998 and 2006 when she was a branch delegate and president at Westmead Hospital.

Karen was modest about her achievement and believes her record will soon be broken by the next generation of up-and-coming delegates.

‘We were proud of our 95% membership, totalling 1,500 members – the largest Branch in NSW. I was pleased to sign up so many new members and am confident that those nurses will be guided and supported by the Association throughout their professional careers.’

Apart from those who have signed up more than 60 members, branch officials and activists who have ‘instituted innovate and successful recruitment initiatives’ and ‘branches officials who believe they have achieved 100% membership’ will also be eligible for the award.

Our 30 top star recruiters

  • Karen Kenmir, Liverpool Hospital: 724 members
  • Coral Levett, St George Hospital: 526 members
  • Christine Lennon, St Vincent’s Hospital: 452 members
  • Gai Pickering, St George Hospital: 445 members
  • Wendy Smith, Liverpool Hospital: 311 members
  • Thomas Van Dam, Grosvenor Hospital: 294 members
  • Susan Sides, Tamara Private Hospital: 216 members
  • Linda Kelly, Concord Hospital: 202 members
  • Janet Wakefield, Gosford Hospital: 184 members
  • Lily Fenech, POW Hospital: 163 members
  • Eleanor Romney, RPA Hospital: 151 members
  • Rozlyn Norman, Tamworth Hospital: 136 members
  • Michael Grant, Stockton Hospital: 134 members
  • Ann Conning, Gosford Hospital: 130 members
  • Peter Mason, Nepean Hospital: 129 members
  • Charles Linsell, Rozelle Hospital: 127 members
  • Genevieve Brown, Gosford Hospital: 115 members
  • Therese Riley, St George Hospital: 92 members
  • Sonya Jones, Concord Hospital: 91 members
  • Pam Barrett, Tweed Hospital: 88 members
  • Carolyn Elwin, Gosford Hospital: 87 members
  • Michele Davidson, Sutherland Hospital: 86 members
  • Yvonne Brugmans, St George Hospital: 78 members
  • Catherine Maloney, Bankstown Hospital: 75 members
  • Cos De Santis, Bloomfield Hospital: 69 members
  • Patricia Tyrrell, Griffith Hospital: 64 members
  • Wendy Goodman, John Hunter Hospital: 64 members
  • Lyn Hopper, Manly Hospital: 63 members
  • Lee Stevens, Cumberland Hospital: 62 members
  • Peg Hibbert, Hornsby Hospital: 60 members.

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‘NSWNA maximises our ability as a collective’

Attending every orientation meeting when she worked at Westmead Hospital, Karen Kenmir, RN, has signed up an amazing 724 new members to the NSWNA. She now works at Liverpool Hospital in senior nursing management.

‘Recruitment is about ensuring the longevity of the union through the strength of the branches. It’s about supporting members and maximising our ability as a collective. It’s about making sure our members are informed and empowered at the local level. You need to connect with new nurses from orientation and follow up on your rounds by being visible and accessible. I would always provide advice and assistance to staff who were not members while convincing them of the benefits, and sign them up later.’

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Successful recruitment strategy at St George

Therese Riley, Nurse Educator and Midwife at St George Hospital, has signed up a total of 92 new members from 1994 to 2008.

‘At St George Hospital we make sure we are at every orientation and speak to all the new nurses. As branch delegates we have to make it relevant to them and talk to them on their level. We have to make ourselves accessible, particularly on the walk-arounds. It’s a bit like branding – if they know their local branch, who we are and how to contact us, and how we can support them professionally and legally, then we are a successful branch.’