Short stories and poems 2015

short story logo We celebrated International Midwives’ and International Nurses’ Days 2015 by sharing our stories in prose or poetry. First State Super was once again proud to sponsor this competition with a first prize of $2000 and two runner-up prizes of $500.
  • First prize of $2000 sponsored by First State Super went to Trish Lowe for her story ‘Breaking the Silence’.
  • Runner-up prize of $500 sponsored by First State Super went to Kathleen Wurth for her story ‘Christmas Eve’.
  • Runner-up Prize of $500 sponsored by First State Super went to Linda O’Malley for her story ‘Presence‘.
  • The Readers’ Choice Award of $500 sponsored by NSWNMA went to Rebecca King for her poem ‘A Day in Emergency’.
  • A special award of $500 sponsored by First State Super went to Margaret Whitton for her poem ‘Amongst 15 Wounded Men‘. 
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Presence Towels The Nurse Said Hair Wash Day Christmas Eve Look, Listen, Feel Her First Shift John Angel in the Room What if Nurses’ Hands Could Talk The Patience of a (Saint) Diabetes Educator Reflections on a Nursing Life Bad Nurse The Silent Rooms Death of a Child (Through the Eyes of a Nurse) I Know. I’m a Mother Too Breaking the Silence A Day in Emergency Old Digger Cracked. An Unfinished Story Another Day Farewell to Di Six Seconds Caring is as Caring Does. A Community Nurse Story Nothing up my Sleeve. An Untold Personal Story My Practice as Nurse, Midwife and Teacher Outside of Your Comfort Zone My First Christmas. Thoughts of a Premature Baby Memoirs of a Tired Nurse