Project investigates sharps injuries


A joint project by the NSWNA and University of Newcastle aims to investigate needlestick and sharps injuries among nurses.

The NSWNA is undertaking a research study with the University of Newcastle exploring needlestick and sharps injuries among nurses.

The study aims to measure the occurrence of sharps injuries and the associated risks of nurses employed in NSW health care facilities.

Previous research revealed that nurses have a higher risk of needlestick and sharps injuries than any other health professional group.

This new study aims to identify the perceived risks associated with such injuries and how they might be prevented.

In early November, a selection of NSWNA members will be sent a survey. Nurses are encouraged to fill in the survey and return it in the reply-paid envelope provided. Participation in the survey is optional and anonymous.

‘This is a very important study and hopefully we can reduce the risks that members face and make the workplace safer for all nurses,’ said NSWNA Assistant General Secretary, Judith Kiejda.

A summary of the results will be provided by the University of Newcastle in mid-2008 so the Association can provide members with feedback about the study.