Proposed claim for Campaign 2010

Recognition and reward for your dedication and responsibility

  • 5% pay and pay-related allowances increase per year for all nurses and midwives, over a proposed four-year agreement.
  • 1% extra employer-provided superannuation per year i.e. 13% by 2013.
  • Meal allowance to be paid for overtime before, as well as after a rostered shift.
  • Return 100% of salary packaging savings to nurses, not just 50%.
  • Clearer rules for In Charge of Shift payment.

Staffing and skill mix for safe patient care

  • Mandated minimum staffing ratios with a skill mix consideration.
  • A clear and simple set of workload rules that management must stick to.

Over the coming months the Association will be working with members to develop specific claims for minimum staffing and skill mix guarantees for different nursing specialties.

We need to keep the best of our current Award workload clause rights, and exchange the parts that don’t work for simple guarantees that enable nurses to provide safe care and that management must follow.

  • Award to include fair rostering principles.

Professional recognition and development

  • Reinstate Higher Grade Duty payment for every shift (not only for 5+).
  • Improved study leave to match Queensland nurses: Three days per annum for conferences plus allowance, leave and course costs for tertiary study.
  • ENs graduating as RNs should start at the RN Year 2 pay rate.
  • Continuing Education Allowance for CNCs who achieve a qualification higher than the minimum required for their role.
  • Union delegates to have paid leave for NSWNA Committee of Delegates meetings.

Promoting a better work-life balance for nurses and midwives

  • Rotating shift nurses should be free from night duty immediately before starting leave and on the first shift back from leave.
  • Increase paid maternity/adoption leave to 26 weeks (partly funded by the proposed Federal Government scheme) and paternity leave to four weeks.
  • Management should not unreasonably refuse nurses’ requests for 12-hour shifts on a unit.
  • Better insurance for NETS (Newborn & Paediatric Emergency Transport Services)/Air Ambulance nurses.

Last agreement delivered a real pay increase

Reserve Bank of Australia statistics show that the last NSW public health system pay rise delivered real wage increases for nurses when measured against inflation.

NSW nurses will have received a 7.95% pay rise over two years by the time the Memorandum of Understanding expires on 30 June this year. Inflation over the same two-year period will be 4.5%.

According to the Reserve Bank of Australia, inflation was 1.5% for the year ended 30 June, 2009, and is forecasted at 3% for the year ending 30 June, 2010.

The Reserve Bank currently forecasts that inflation is likely to be 2.5% for the following year (ending June 2011), rising to 2.75% the year after (ending June 2012).

Voting on the claim

All public health system facilities and services should hold a meeting before Friday, 9 April.

At the meeting members will discuss the draft claims and then take a vote. You are voting to either approve or reject the proposed claim in its entirety – not to amend.

Need more information? Phone 8595 1234 to speak to your Organiser.