BREAKING: Mental health nurses get ratios commitment

NSW Labor announced it would introduce nursing ratios into 37 adult acute inpatient mental health units across the state, if elected to government on 23 March. Read more.

A clear pathway to ratios

Most medical and surgical wards, emergency departments, paediatric wards, post natal wards and maternity units will get minimum nurse-to-patient ratios on every shift under a NSW Labor government. Read more.

NSW needs better Ratios

NSW public hospitals are facing increased admissions of patients, without the increase in staff to meet the demand. There simply aren’t enough nurses and midwives and it’s putting patients’ lives at risk. A more transparent nurse-to-patient Ratios system is urgently needed to help deliver safe care to all patients across NSW.

Safe ratios are a priority for everyone. It’s time the government did the right thing and put the people of NSW and their care first.


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