Ratios Resources

The winning of nurse-patient ratios in surgical and medical wards in major metropolitan hospitals was a great advance for safe patient care in public hospitals. However, it’s not enough. The Ratio system needs to be extended and improve across NSW including the rural regions, so everyone has the right to access safe patient care.

A new ratio system would mean emergency departments, children’s ward and other specialty areas will have a guaranteed minimum ratio on every shift and babies would be counted in ratios in maternity services. 

We need to continue the fight for a better, more transparent nurse to patient ratios. Please see the materials below to help you spread the word: 

Ratios campaign resources

Snapshot: NSWNMA 2020 Ratios claims

NSWNMA claim for 2020 Award

Ratio Save Lives: supporting research 

Download one of our Ratios signs below, fill them out, snap a photo of yourself or with colleagues and send them to photos@nswnma.asn.au so we can post it on Facebook.