Recognition for aged care

Because we care

The positive message about aged care is spreading and tens of thousands of Australians have shown they care about aged care.

The positive message about aged care is spreading across Australia

  • A new  TV ad produced by the NSWNA, showing the professional role of aged care nurses, has been beaming into lounge rooms across NSW.
  • So far, more than 18,000 Australians have signed Because we care Charters for Quality Aged Care.
  • The pressure is on Federal MPs and Senators, with new postcards from their constituents asking them to tell Parliament we need proper funding for aged care.
  • The new Because we care van is now a familiar sight at community events and aged care facilities.
  • The ANF also put aged care in the spotlight at the recent national ALP conference.
  • The Lamp celebrates the achievements of the Because we care campaign.

Ad celebrates aged care nurses

Throughout August, the latest NSWNA TV ad – promoting the highly rewarding professional role of aged care nurses – beamed into lounge rooms across NSW.

It’s the third in a series of NSWNA ads that shows the professional and highly-skilled roles of nurses.

The first TV ad showed the role of a paediatric hospital nurse, the second ad the role and personal life of a community mental health nurse, and a fourth ad showing the role of midwives will be released in October.

The four ads celebrating nurses and NSWNA members will screen throughout 2009.

The latest NSWNA aged care ad stars Sharon d’Souza, RN from Frank Whiddon Masonic Nursing Home in Glenfield.

Sharon said she was very excited to be selected for the NSWNA ad. ‘I was so excited when I heard. When they first started filming I was very nervous but by the end I was having a ball, and so were the residents. It’s a real thrill watching the ad with them – they get so excited.

‘I love working in aged care. It’s a challenging role: you’re dealing with frail residents with complex needs, you’re dealing with families and doctors. It’s challenging and requires high levels of nursing skills but it’s very rewarding.

‘As an aged care nurse you get to be part of residents’ lives. The most important part of my job is enhancing the quality of life for residents and making a difference to their day-to-day lives.

‘It’s good to let people know what an aged care nurse really does. Hopefully people will have greater understand about our role.

‘I think the ad will also make aged care more attractive to nursing students,’ said Sharon.