Rural, Regional and Remote Health Inquiry – Share your story

An Upper House parliamentary ‘Inquiry into Health outcomes and access to health and hospital services in rural, regional and remote NSW’ is underway and now is our chance to speak out, together.

Your postcode shouldn’t define the health care your community receives. Whether you deal with understaffing issues, safety concerns, inadequate supplies or anything else, let us know so together we can win safer staffing now. You shouldn’t have to wait.

Tell us about the challenges you and your colleagues face constantly in your workplace or health service. You and your community deserve safe staffing and safe working conditions. Your stories will help shape our submission.

Please complete the form below to share your story. You can also email us your story or ask any questions by contacting us at

We will not share identifying details such as names and locations if we do not have your express permission to do so. It is vital that these stories come to light so that we can create the political will to commit to improvements. These improvements will be complicated and require careful consideration long after this parliamentary process is complete.  It is not our job at this Inquiry to provide every detail nor is there an expectation that you put your career on the line to force those running the system do a better job. But it is all our job as nurses and midwives to advocate for our patients when we see the system letting them down. We can do that and protect you at the same time.


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