C190: STOP Gender-based Violence in the World of Work!

Join the campaign to convince governments to support an ILO Convention and Recommendation on “Ending violence and harassment in the world of work”. Visit the Public Services International campaign page for more resources and information.

Following the adoption of the Convention (190) and Recommendation (R206) on Violence and Harassment in the World of Work at the Centenary International Labour Conference, PSI is calling on International Labour Organisation (ILO) member states to urgently ratify and bring into force new global legislation to end violence and harassment at work. #StopGBVatWork

Download this letter template, fill out your information and send it off to your Federal MP! It’s important we get the message out there.

As unions we have an important role to play to make sure that this Convention is transformed from paper into reality. We need to work together so that member states ratify the Convention and make it part of their national laws. Download this flyer here.