Star recruiter Louisa tells: ‘There is only one solution, it’s the NSWNA’

Louisa Maua, AiN, has spread the good word about the NSWNA to her colleagues at Wyoming Nursing Home in Summer Hill – nearly all have joined the Association after hearing about the benefits.

Last year Louisa recruited seven new members to the NSWNA, and another three to date this year.

‘I encourage all new nurses to join the Association because we can’t afford to be on our own,’ she said.

‘When they raise problems about pay or workloads I tell then there’s is only one solution and that’s the NSWNA. It’s there to help us through good and bad times.

‘I sit down with new employees and have a cup of tea with them. I explain what the Association does, and the benefits of being a member. Mostly, when they hear the facts they are keen to join so I give them an application form.

‘If they are uncertain at first, I give them a form to take away. Once they have read the facts for themselves they come back later and are keen to join up,’ said Louisa.

8 ways to recruit new members

  1. Try to meet new employees during an orientation to the workplace.
  2. After explaining the union benefits to a non-member, ask them to sign up then and there and offer to send the application form to the NSWNA yourself.
  3. If a non-member refuses to join first time around, talk to them again once they’ve seen the positive results of union action.
  4. Never assume that your colleague or friend is a member of the Association. It’s always best to ask them, and if they are not, invite them to become a member. Nurses often say that they have wanted to belong to the Association but have just never been invited to join!
  5. In larger facilities, it’s important to identify an activist in every ward or unit who will talk to new nurses about the benefits of the Association. It is important to cover not only day shifts, but nights and weekends, as well.
  6. Branch officials are encouraged to gain access to orientation programs in order to talk to newly employed nurses.
  7. Have a membership drive. The Association’s Campaigns Team is always happy to talk to you about recruiting tips, and will be happy to sponsor a BBQ, morning or afternoon tea and/or provide your branch /workplace with promotional items that will assist in attracting existing and new members to branch meetings or events.
  8. Another way is to ask the Campaigns Team to book an ‘Association Comes to the Workplace’ visit to your workplace. These are great opportunities for branch officials to raise their profiles across the workplace.