State Budget 2009

State Budget provides funding for NSWNA campaign wins.

The State Budget has provided $14 million to fund an extra 80 Clinical Nurse Educator positions won by the NSWNA in last year’s pay campaign.

The announcement was one of two measures in the State budget last month branded ‘Investment in nurses’.

The second measure delivers the funding won by NSWNA in 2005 for 10-hour night shifts at Blacktown, Mt Druitt, Gladesville/Macquarie, Dubbo and Macksville hospitals.

The budget also listed a range of spending initiatives in response to the report of the Special Commission of Inquiry into Acute Care in NSW Public Hospitals – the Garling inquiry.

Initiatives for 2009-2010 are:

  • $44 million for 500 Clinical Support Officers to enable doctors and nurses to spend less time on paperwork ($176 million over the next four years);
  • $13.3 million for Emergency Physicians;
  • $8.6 million for 64 new Clinical Pharmacists to monitor the type, quantity, past use and combination of prescription medicines, educate patients about prescribed medications and advise junior doctors and nurses on the best use of medicines;
  • $7.4 million to ‘promote a positive culture’ and for training programs to prevent bullying;
  • $6.8 million for 45 additional rural junior medical doctor positions;
  • $6.35 million for extra cleaning staff in metropolitan and regional hospitals;
  • $3.9 million for on-the-job training;
  • $3.7 million ($14.8 million over four years) for 30 new Clinical Initiative Nurses, who will improve communication with patients and their families in the Emergency Department waiting room, organise x-rays so results are available when the patient is seen by a doctor and organise pain relief or a reassessment of priority for a patient if their condition changes while waiting;
  • $3 million to employ more support staff to ensure single sex rooms and areas wherever possible;
  • $2.8 million for additional allied health coverage for ward rounds;
  • $2.3 million to assist rural patient transport and accommodation for clinical care.