Podcasts: Mental health, drug and alcohol forum

Podcasts from the mental health, drug and alcohol forum held at NSWNMA on 9 September 2016 Kurt Andersson-Noorgard, CNC (Sydney District Nursing – HIV Mental Health Cultural barriers to accessing mental health and drug and alcohol services Notes Homanta Acharya RN Cultural barriers facing a Bhutanese refugee Dr Roy Laube Mental wellness, mental health and diversity in […]

Alcohol-fuelled violence and ice – what are your candidate’s plans?

The NSW election is just days away. Are your local candidates willing to take action to address the drug and alcohol problems in your area? Ask them now. Use this form to send an email to your local candidates asking them what action they are willing to take to protect your local community from the […]

Wrap-up of 2015 NAAPA Alcohol Policy election forum

The NSW ACT Alcohol Policy Alliance (NAAPA) held an NSW Alcohol Policy Election Forum last week to hear from political parties on what they are doing to prevent alcohol harms, writes Amy Ferguson, Senior Policy Officer at the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) in Canberra and coordinator for NSW ACT Alcohol Policy Alliance […]

FARE – annual Alcohol Poll

The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education’s (FARE) Annual Alcohol Poll assesses Australians’ attitudes towards alcohol, alcohol consumption trends, awareness of the risks associated with alcohol use and perspectives on various alcohol policies. In 2014, the Poll was carried out by Galaxy Research for the fifth consecutive year.  Read the full report here.

Pilot alcohol project to empower NSW communities

A new project launched yesterday will offer NSW residents much needed support to address alcohol-related harms in their communities. A one-year pilot, the Alcohol Community Action Project (ACAP), will also provide the NSW Government with a model for a future, government-funded Community Defenders Office. Jointly funded by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE), and […]

Save our Streets – act to reduce harm from alcohol

Currently in NSW far too many people are affected by alcohol-related harms. Each year in NSW alcohol causes 50,000 hospitalisations, 15,000 non-domestic assaults, 10,000 domestic assaults and 1,200 deaths. This is too great a toll for the NSW Government to ignore. Save our Streets is a campaign calling on the Premier to act now to […]

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