Government fudges jobs numbers, slashes pay of lowest paid

News reports of the Abbott Government fudging jobs numbers is further evidence that they have no idea how to fulfil their election promise to create one million new jobs, unions say. Coming off the back of revelations buried in more than 50,000 pages of regulations that the Government will slash the take home pay of […]

Abbott dismantles job-creation opportunities

The Abbott Government’s assault on workers continues today with shocking reports that it intends to make it easier for employers to bypass local workers and Australian industries. The reports outline the Coalition’s intention to make it easier for employers to hire 457 visa workers and for major projects to import what they need from China […]

Worst unemployment in over a decade

With the release of the worst unemployment figures in over a decade, the question on every Australian’s lips is, when is Tony Abbott going to step up and fight for jobs? ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver said today’s alarming figures – a sharp increase in the unemployment rate to 6% – must act as a wakeup […]

Where are the jobs, Prime Minister?

Six hundred jobs must be added to the economy every day in order for Mr Abbott to fulfil his election promise to create one million new jobs within five years, Australian Unions said today. ACTU President Ged Kearney called on Prime Minister Abbott to use his first Parliamentary statement of the year to outline his jobs […]

32,000 fulltime jobs lost in December

Despite more bad job numbers out today, Australians are still in the dark over what Tony Abbott’s job plan is, said the ACTU. ACTU President Ged Kearney said with 32,000 full time jobs lost in December, 12,000 more in the Commission of Audit’s sights, not to mention massive job losses in the manufacturing industry, Australians […]

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