Health groups call for emissions cuts, no new coalmines, coal power closure

Australia’s post 2020 CO2 emissions reduction targets should cut emissions ‘as quickly as possible’, the Climate and Health Alliance has said in its submission to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet UNFCCC taskforce. The alliance of 28 health sector stakeholders has set out a schedule for emissions cuts that would see Australia reach zero […]

Evidence on negative health impacts from coal overwhelming

The suggestion by the NSW Minerals Council today that there is no evidence of harm from coal pollution is ludicrous, the Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA) said today. “In fact there is a huge body of evidence in the peer reviewed scientific literature that shows the toll from coal on a broad range of negative health impacts, including from […]

Reliance on coal dangerous for health

Prominent health organisations from across Australia today condemned Australia’s reliance on coal citing a growing and significant body of research documenting severe health effects. “It is clear, in this day and age, that we should be phasing out coal. It is highly polluting and is causing disastrous health impacts in communities across Australia. As health […]

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