Government attacks workers battling COVID-19, in favour of small business

The NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association (NSWNMA) says its members are outraged by the NSW government’s intention to clawback amendments to the Workers Compensation Act 1987 regarding COVID-19 claims.NSWNMA General Secretary, Brett Holmes, said upper house members of parliament received more than 24,800 emails from public sector nurses and midwives over the weekend, begging them […]

Cuts to workers compensation – a sombre anniversary

Today June 19 is the one-year anniversary of the state Government’s changes to workers compensation law in NSW which stripped many entitlements from all workers (public and private, unionists or non-unionists) – except, it would appear, politicians. Unions NSW designated this Fair Go for Workers Compensation Day and held an event at Parliament House, where […]

State Government backs down on legal costs

In a significant win for unions and workers that have continued to pressure the Government about its plans to make workers pay their own legal costs, Greg Pearce, NSW Minister for Finance & Services, has announced a new Independent Legal Assistance and Review Service (ILARS). While not as good as the previous system, this represents […]

O’Farrell Government’s attacks and cuts – summary

Since taking office in March 2011, Barry O’Farrell and his Government have made a number of cuts to funding, jobs, workers’ rights and services. Here is an overview of what the workers of NSW have endured thus far. Attacks on Workers’ Rights Taken Control of IRC and Frozen Wages – The Government passed the Industrial […]

Latest workers’ compensation leaflet

This leaflet summerises in basic terms the differences between the previous and new workers’ compensationn systems, encourages injured workers to share their stories about the impact of the changes as well as encourages workers to join their union and local union community group. Workers compensation leaflet

Summary of the 2012 workers compensation changes

Changes are retrospective. The amendments below apply to all existing claims. Further details regarding implementation can be found in the Unions NSW update called Implementation of the Workers Comp Laws. Weekly payments   0-130 weeks (2.5 years)   For the first 13 weeks after an injury, workers will receive 95% of their pre-injury average weekly […]

Implementation of the new Workers Compensation law

How the O’Farrell Government’s new workers compensation law will affect workers now. For a summary of the changes, click here. What happens if you already receive weekly payments? If you already receive weekly payments, the insurer must conduct a work capacity assessment of you in the 12 months following proclamation* of the new legislation (although […]

Summary: O’Farrell’s workers compensation legislation

A summary of the main elements of the cuts for the majority of injured workers. Restrictions on cover for occupational diseases Partners’ claims for nervous shock abolished Cap on weekly payments Cap on medical benefits Limits on lump sum compensation Changes are retrospective. Some amendments to the Workers’ Compensation legislation were achieved. They include: Exempting […]

How O’Farrell’s workers compensation cuts will affect you

New laws introduced by the O’Farrell Government are the biggest attack on injured workers’ rights in a generation. Changes are retrospective   According to the Government briefing, the ‘changes to weekly benefits, medical costs and duration [of payments] are to apply as soon as possible to existing claims’ and ‘changes to lump sum compensation are […]

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