The merry heart

Terri Babington
3 January 1927–27 March 2008

Terri trained at the St George Hospital Kogarah and did midwifery at Canterbury Hospital.

I met Terri in 1981 when she was NUM of Ward 22 – the cardiology ward – at St George Hospital.

Supportive, enthusiastic and motivating, Terri was a mentor to all staff, particularly the nursing team she referred to as ‘the gang’.

Terri was loved by her patients, she checked in with each of them each day and was always full of kindness, humour and Irish charm. She conducted a weekly patient education session and by patient demand this evolved into her book You and Your Heart.

Terri was an innovative manager, creating ‘The Babington Roster’ published in The Lamp.

Terri was a primary driving force in the establishment of cardiac surgery at St George and went on to develop a cardiac rehabilitation program. Her walking group, The Merry Hearts, still meets and welcomes newcomers today.

After retirement, Terri often said ‘I miss the gang’.

Terri was ahead of her time and her influence is still evident today for those of us who knew her.

Terri was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2008 and died at The St George Hospital on 27 March 2008.

By Narrelle Clark, RN, St George Hospital