Understaffing puts strain on all

Olga Aleshin RN, St George Private Hospital maternity ward

“The main objective of this campaign is to improve staffing at Ramsay.

When we have too few nurses on duty, the workload is heavy and stress levels are very high.

All the nurses and midwives I work with care about our patients and our managers try their best to manage workloads.

With adequate staffing we all feel very satisfied at the end of the shift, because we feel we’ve had time to talk to our patients and help with their emotional needs as well as their medical and clinical needs.

When we are understaffed it really does put a strain on everyone, though we all work hard to maintain a positive attitude.

We make sure that we prioritise the patients who need the most care but sometimes it feels difficult to provide the full, holistic care patients require.

Education should also be prioritised to enable nurses to be kept up to date with the latest policies and developments in nursing and midwifery. Our educators try their best with the resources they have.

Customer service is also an important aspect of the nursing and midwifery field. Every patient should feel they are looked after and safe. It is important for the success of any business to make sure of this so that we can give the customers the sort of care they expect.

During the discussions on the new enterprise agreement I’ve heard that private hospitals around Australia are improving pay rates and Ramsay are in a good position to follow suit.

The Lamp seems to have less information about private hospitals compared to its coverage of the public sector. The private sector should not be overlooked. It’s important that the union continues to inform and encourage members in the private health sector to actively participate in discussions about the new agreement.

I hope the company appreciates that we all try our best and will respect our desire to provide safe patient care to everyone.”