Update on Ramsay negotiations

Negotiations between private hospital operator Ramsay Healthcare and the NSWNMA continue.

As The Lamp went to press Ramsay had yet to respond to the Association’s five per cent pay claim. Following our request for an interim increase, Ramsay agreed to a 2% downpayment while talks continue.

Ramsay rejected a claim to adopt ACORN staffing standards in the peri‐operative environment, saying they were not relevant to private hospitals, despite several Ramsay employees contributing to writing the standards.

Ramsay rejected our claim for guaranteed adequate work time to complete mandatory training, saying there is already sufficient time for nurses and midwives to complete mandatory training. It is their view that the inability of nurses to complete mandatory e‐learning reflects a time management issue, not a workload issue.

Ramsay has put forward changes it would like in an agreement including:

  • Payment of wages to be postponed to the next business day when the ordinary pay day occurs on a public holiday.
  • Payroll to have up to seven days to complete the last pay when an employee leaves Ramsay.
  • When a permanent employee is recalled, all time worked is to be paid and can’t accrue as Time Off In Lieu.
  • Casuals to be paid on-call allowance when on call, with payment for recalls at the appropriate casual rate without overtime.

The Association has not agreed to any of these changes and talks continue.