Vale Roz Norman

Tributes to Roz Norman, NSWNMA Councillor.

I remember Roz best for her genuineness. She was a true leader. Roz always had other people’s interests at heart and dedicated her life to enabling others to achieve their goals. Like a ‘wise old owl’ at the Council table, Roz always stood in the shoes of others to give us a perspective we might have otherwise missed. I will miss Roz terribly going into the future, but I really appreciate the 11 years I got to work with Roz on Council. It was such a privilege to have had that time together.
Coral Levett,
President, NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association
President, Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation – NSW Branch
President, Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation

The thing that struck me most about Roz was not just her natural organising ability but her tenacity in anything she took on. The last time I spoke to Roz was when she phoned in to our last Editorial Committee meeting on 4 November 2013 and while I knew she was very ill, you would not have guessed it from her desire to contribute – I was most surprised to realise she was actually on the teleconference – but that was Roz – if she committed to something she committed 100%.

The last time I actually saw Roz was at the Tamworth launch of our campaign in March of this year. She told me then she knew her days were numbered but she was still hoping to work another year while she put her succession plan into place.

My last memory of Roz was watching her lobbying Kevin Anderson for better ratios for Tamworth. She never stopped working for her union and she’ll be sadly missed.
Judith Kiejda, Assistant General Secretary, NSWNMA

I’m sure Roz will be greatly missed by all for her tireless work on behalf of nursing in NSW and beyond.
Susan Pearce, Chief Nursing & Midwifery Officer, NSW Ministry of Health

I never heard Roz say a bad word about or against anyone who wasn’t a politician*.
Wendy Goodman, Life Member, ex NSWNMA Councillor
(* footnote: with the exception of Tony Windsor, for whom she had the highest regard)

I remember her smile and her tolerance and what a fundraiser!
Charles Linsell, Life Member, ex NSWNMA Councillor

Roz will be a hard act to follow. I will always remember her saying “I have a great idea for a fundraiser”. Raising money for a cause was always something she was always remarkably enthusiastic and successful about. Her enthusiasm for unionism. Her love for her family, especially her grandchildren.
Lorna Scott, Vice President, NSWNMA

All nurses have lost a colleague who genuinely cared for other nurses, not only through her work as a Delegate and Councillor but also in particular through her enormous contribution to the professional advancement and encouragement of Enrolled Nurses via her untiring work as an office bearer for the ENPA (Enrolled Nurse Professional Association). Nurses and unionists have lost a wonderful advocate. I feel richer as a nurse and unionist for having known and worked with Roz.
Kerry Rodgers, Executive Council, NSWNMA

Roz will be sorely missed by us all.
Gary Clark, Executive Council, NSWNMA

A true union warrior, champion nurse and great friend to us all, she will be greatly missed by her family and friends and the profession.
Gil Wilson, Executive Council, NSWNMA

Roz was such an inspirational, amazing, funny, brave person. My last trip to the airport with her all she talked about was her family, her worries, hopes and dreams for them all.

I am secretly very grateful that QANTAS has changed terminals so that I don’t have to look at the seat she always waited on for me. In our years on Council together she arrived 30 minutes before me into Sydney but always waited for me to share the taxi and we had many debriefs in the taxi returning to the airport next morning after Council. Some with humour and some without. She always had such good, sensible advice and was happy to give it regardless of how trivial issues may seem.

She has left footprints in our lives, hearts and our way we go about things that will never be reciprocated. She had a quiet unending inspiration, often setting me back on the right track.
Sue White, Guardian, NSWNMA

Roz will be a great loss to her community and NSWNMA.
Lyne Dine, Councillor, NSWNMA

In the time I have known Roz I have found her to be a remarkable woman and an inspiration for my work within the NSWNMA. Roz was unfailing in her continual efforts to fight for the rights and conditions of nurses. We have lost a wonderful nurse and friend, who was devoted to caring for others. Her inspiration to many should be recognised.
Deb Lang, Councillor, NSWNMA

Roz was very proud of the NSWNMA and her union work and loved being a nurse. She was honoured to be a representative of the Tamworth community.
Richard Noort, Councillor, NMWNMA

Many people would have experienced Roz’s great support and encouragement and her consistent interest in how things were going in your life. I felt this strongly from Roz, from her straightforward encouragement the very first time I gave a presentation at an ENPA conference to her continued interest in life as an organiser. She was interested in other people and had the ability to make them feel as if what they were doing mattered – I found this very encouraging.

But one thing I really enjoyed about Roz was her impishness. I was often surprised at some of her stories, which often came at out at ENPA conference dinners, eg. when she was training and living with other girls, she told me she never bought sheets for the house, she just ‘borrowed’ them from the hospital and took them back for laundering as needed – this went on for months and months.

I’m sure many people have stories like this – I always enjoyed it because she always was so proper and did things properly but the impishness was so often there.
Annie Butler, Professional Officer, NSWNMA

Roz was instrumental in getting aged care on the agenda – not just in Tamworth and NSW but nationally, through her connections with aged care nurses in her local area and the respect shared between Roz and the then federal MP Tony Windsor.

Several important ‘Because We Care’ events were held in Tamworth, including one at a nursing home and another at the local hall. Roz’s role in making these events work ranged from organising excellent local press coverage, helping with guest lists and speakers, arranging letter box drops by a local business, storing pamphlets at her house and making sure we got the best cakes and biscuits from locals for our events.

Mr Windsor spoke out frequently as a strong advocate for aged care and the need for decent wages and staffing for nurses, including raising questions in Parliament on these matters, and we know that his depth of feeling on these issue was, in part, connected to the nurses he knew and respected, like our Roz.
Stella Topaz, Professional Officer (Aged Care), NSWNMA

I worked with Roz for many years with her ENPA committee involvement. She had an excellent understanding of marketing the organisation and what type of advertising was required to promote ENPA. She also worked tirelessly for their stand at Conference, organising the structure and volunteers to be on it. I found her very professional at all times and we shared many laughs as we had a common interest in the love of Nundle, where my friends have the pub. I will miss her.
Patricia Purcell, The Lamp Advertising Officer, NSWNMA

The ‘girls’ on the NSWNMA Reception desk would like to say how Roz would never pass without saying a few words and always spoiled us with her beautiful handmade presents at Christmas.
Marion Seet and Geraldine Sibbald, Reception, NSWNMA

I had a lot to do with Roz in her role as honorary treasurer of the Enrolled Nurses Professional Association (ENPA) as I was asked to have a look at their accounts not long after I joined the NSWNMA in 2006. I prepared the annual accounts for ENPA each year based on records maintained by Roz and became an honorary auditor. She quickly picked up on the new spreadsheets I put in place and maintained them diligently.

She was dedicated to ENPA and under her stewardship the organisation flourished and is now in a stronger financial position than it was 7 years ago.

Roz was an absolute pleasure to work with and I looked forward to her turning up each year to the July or August Council meeting with all the records neatly bundled into a satchel.

She will be sadly missed by everyone who had the good fortune to work with her.
Denis Fahey, former Financial Controller, NSWNMA

What a wonderful way to remember Roz through the suggestion of an annual Award – she would have been humbled by the suggestion while quietly being very appreciative of the gesture.
Rebecca Nairne, former Councillor, NSWNMA

What a great organiser. Roz was a member of ENPA from 1998, resigning from her position as Treasurer in September 2013 after many years.

She was given life membership at the AGM in September 2013 and that means that she will be a member for the life of ENPA even if she is not with us.

Roz was a great inspiration to all nurses and will be sorely missed.
Rebecca Roseby, Secretary, Enrolled Nurse Professional Association (ENPA)