Vicki has the world at her feet

Vicki McMahon wins trip of a lifetime in APHEDA raffle

Vicki McMahon arrived home one morning after finishing night shift as RN at Nepean Hospital, and received a phone call that made her day: she had won the Union Aid Abroad–APHEDA 2006 raffle first prize – a trip for two around the world.

Vicki was delighted. She bought a ticket in the raffle to support APHEDA – winning first prize was an unexpected surprise. ‘It was a lovely gift, I wasn’t expecting anything but won something – it was serendipity,’ she said.

‘It’s good to see the work that APHEDA is doing – especially in countries like East Timor. The needs in places like that are huge. I will definitely continue to support the organisation.’

Dascia Bennett from Members Equity Bank, which sponsored the raffle, said: ‘It is natural for us to support an organisation like Union Aid Abroad–APHEDA because our culture was born out of the union movement.’ Members Equity is a membership bank set up by industry super funds and unions.

‘It’s clear synergy for us to sponsor the APHEDA raffle. We don’t have massive sponsorship arrangements but this is one that we thought went with the culture of our bank.’

Candice Feuerring, a representative from Union Aid Abroad–APHEDA, congratulated Vicki and was pleased with the success of the raffle.

‘The APHEDA raffle is one of our biggest fundraisers for the year. This year we raised over $76,000. It’s a great event because it also helps to raise the profile of the organisation. People who are selling the tickets are talking about who we are and what we do,’ said Candice.

Vicki is unsure about when she and her husband will be taking their holiday but ‘seeing Europe’ will be a dream come true.