What’s the story with ADOs?

Question: A story in last month’s Lamp referred to problems with accruing ADOs in the public health system. Not sure I am across this issue. What’s the story?

Answer: In the latter part of 2014, the Association was contacted by a number of members who had been notified by their LHDs that they had negative ADO balances. After some preliminary investigation, which revealed clear anomalies, the Association lodged a dispute with the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW. Following continued dialogue and debate with the Ministry and HealthShare, it became clear that StaffLink had at least one fundamental flaw in its software – it was not including the extra annual leave provided to shift workers when calculating ADO entitlements.

An issue or two remain to be sorted, but work is progressing in an orderly way that should result in the reconfiguration of StaffLink and a subsequent recalculation of ADO accruals. Members should watch out for future Association updates as this matter hopefully progresses to final resolution.

It is a credit to those members who refused to accept the unconvincing answers being provided to them by LHDs and HealthShare and then pressed their concerns with the Association. That persistence has resulted in this state and system-wide problem being discovered and addressed.