About Library services

About NSWNMA Library

The NSWNMA Library provides a specialised information service which supports and reflects the information needs of members and the industrial, legal and professional interests of the staff.

The Library has a special collection of books and videos and subscribes to a variety of journals which reflect issues in nursing, midwifery and labour law. The collection also includes a comprehensive collection of NSW Department of Health publications and material on legal, economic, ethical and work-related issues for nurses and midwives.

Staffed by a professional librarian, the Library is closely affiliated with all the major NSW health libraries, NSW State Library and NSW government department libraries through co-operative networks. The NSWMNA Library also has access to a number of legal and health databases and can provide a formal Inter Library Loans Service to members and Officers of the Association.

An NSWNMA member talks about the value of the NSWNMA Library.

Hours of operation

We are open from the hours of 9am until 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

The Library is open to members of the Association, including Associate members (students of nursing and professional members) and other libraries.

Access to the Library is by appointment only.

Library staff

IRMC Policy and Compliance Officer
Jeannette Bromfield

IRMC Coordinator
Adrian Hayward

IRMC Assistants
Antonia Marriott
Cathy Matias
Leilanee Paras

IRMC Clerk
Fernando Fineza
Tim Pearse
Michele Wazlawosky