Climate Change and the Health System

Climate Change and the Health System

Climate change as a result of global warming will have major consequences for our already overloaded health system and for nurses and nursing. Climate change is giving rise to fundamental health issues and the consequences of inaction will be catastrophic. It’s important that nurses understand this issue and contribute to finding a solution.

NSWNMA is affiliated with the Climate and Health Alliance to raise awareness of the consequences of climate change for the health sector. We are also affiliated with the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network. The Climate and Health Alliance has recently extended its thanks to the NSWNMA, who are a much-appreciated supporting organisation of the collaborative Our Climate, Our Health campaign which acknowledges that as health professionals we are already seeing the devastating effects of climate change on our community every day and we have an opportunity to encourage our members of Parliament to act on climate change now.

To get involved in the campaign, you can:
  1. Sign-up to support the campaign
  2. Email your MP
  3. Meet with your member of Parliament to discuss the importance of acting on climate change for health’s sake. The Climate and Health Alliance’s Advocacy Organiser Phoebe will support you through this process, so please get in contact with her by contacting or 0401 166 263 if you have questions or want to discuss getting involved.

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Climate Change Action Reference Group

The NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association is seeking members to join the Climate Change Action Reference Group. The group will meet 4-6 times per year to discuss current issues and challenges the climate crisis has on the nursing and midwifery professions. Meetings are held in a blended Zoom/face-to-face format to allow members to be involved regardless of geographical location.

Current NSWNMA members who work in, are involved with or have an interest in climate action are invited to join.

Being a member of the Climate Change Action Reference Group gives you the opportunity to:

  • be a voice for the climate issues impacting nurses, midwives and the profession

  • assist in the development and reviewing of policies

  • be a link between members and the Association
  • Join over 77,000 nurses and midwives in NSW by becoming a valued member today.

    You’ll automatically become a member of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation