short-story-thumbsEcho of my footsteps on the hallow concrete floors

My pace quickens as my mind concentrates on the threads of the tasks ahead

Surround by strength of steel embedded by concrete: smooth, cold to touch

Finished with vinyl, glass, paint

So large in the landscape

Its reflection dull in the light

Within it innate posture it carries the whisper of hope for many

The very essence of a community with friends and acquaintances

Within wards nurse stand together connected

We share the story of our lives with each other, in the many tea rooms it contains

Holding, caring for fragile bodies

Always honour the importance of touch

We treasure the ability to heal and ease pain through knowledge and comfort

New life beginning

Life ending in a circular motion reflected like strands in a web

Intertwined with my history

For patients this building represents pain, healing, hope, love

For relatives the building represents fear, acceptance, and love

It holds within it heavy arms the very spirit of those who echo through it halls

Footsteps, strong, fast, frail, disjointed, slow and awkward

This place has given me space to learn

Find people that inspire me

Patients who share with me there story to give me strength

This place has given me skills to practice my art of healing at the highest level

This building is imprinted in my soul like rings in a bark tree

It belongs to me

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