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NSWNMA to the rescue

The accident that ripped a muscle in my shoulder would have also torn a hole in my finances had I not been a member of the NSWNMA. In November 2014, I was travelling from my ... Read More Learn more >

Invaluable support

Without going into detail, my employer handed me a letter saying I was to be part of a review into my alleged role in certain policy breaches. This process was completely in the realm of the executive and ... Read More Learn more >

A better future

More than ever, nurses and midwives need to join their union to organise and campaign for a better future. With collective strength, we can bring about positive change in our workplaces and our society. Strong unions are essential to a fair economy and ... Read More Learn more >

Ratios life or death

We’re standing up for our patients. Safe ratios are a priority for everyone. It’s time the government did the right thing and put the people of NSW and their care first.

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Ask Shaye

When it comes to your rights and entitlements at work, NSWNMA General Secretary Shaye Candish has the answers.

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A farewell message from Brett Holmes

Brett Holmes has announced his retirement, having served the Association for 32 years, twenty of those as General Secretary.

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