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NSWNMA to the rescue

The accident that ripped a muscle in my shoulder would have also torn a hole in my finances had I not been a member of the NSWNMA. In November 2014, I was travelling from my ... Read More Learn more >

Invaluable support over a complaint

The NSWNMA has given me invaluable support over the years, but never more so than when a complaint to the Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) was lodged against me some years ago when I was ... Read More Learn more >

More than just me

Meeting so many other people of like mind, being able to work with them, bounce ideas off them and work together to achieve great results has been inspiring. It has allowed me to see that ... Read More Learn more >

Change the Rules

The Morrison Government has overseen the largest decline in living standards in 30 years and so many of us don’t have job security and our pay is not increasing like it should. We’ve had and enough and we’re taking matters into their own hands tomorrow.

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Ratios for Aged Care. 
Make them law now

It’s a crisis that shames us. Our aged care system has been ignored by governments far too long. The upcoming Federal election is our chance to take action and give our loved ones the care they deserve.

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A message from Brett Holmes

Every month The Lamp carries an editorial by Brett Holmes, General Secretary of the NSWNMA.

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Ask Judith

NSWNMA Assistant General Secretary Judith Kiejda has the answers on your work rights and entitlements.

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