Association Member Training

Association Member Training

The NSWNMA has a range of courses that are tailored to meet the needs of members who want to help make a better healthcare system or are involved in branch issues within their workplace. Association Member Training courses cover a range of topics and are FREE to all members (you do not need to be a branch official to attend these courses).

The NSWNMA also offers the courses on assisting members during fact finding and disciplinary processes and a range of professional development subjects. For more information on any of these courses please give us a call on 1300 367 962 or email us.

We can come to you!

If you work in a regional area of NSW speak with your organiser about the possibility of running a course in your area. Maybe there are district wide issues that members want to campaign around, maybe you are looking to form networks amongst the branches of the Association within your area. Either way, if there are at least 10 people committed to attending we’re happy to look at running one of our courses in your district.

How to Register

Registering is easy – Select the Training Session then – go online and register, or call us on 8595 1234, email us at

Travel and Accommodation

If you live more than 50kms from the venue where training is being held you may be eligible for travel and accommodation costs to be covered by the Association. The Association will book and pay for travel and accommodation where required.

Accessing Leave to Attend

Under the Public Health System (Cl. 54C(ii)) and Crown Employees Award (Cl. 55.1.2) access to train union leave is available. Some Private Sector Awards may contain similar entitlement. Private Sector and Aged Care Sector members who cannot access either trade union training leave, or other paid leave, and have to take un-paid leave may be financially reimbursed by the Association on application and completion of the workshop.

AMT courses

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