Professional Indemnity Insurance FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our new PII coverage.

Q: I wish to return to nursing and midwifery by undertaking supervised practice, however the Hospital has advised that I must first obtain Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII).
Will the PII policy provide this coverage?

A: Yes. PII insurance covers those members required to fulfil recency of practice criteria under APHRA’s registration guidelines.

Q: If my second job is a registered business, will PII cover my nursing work?
A: Members who also work for themselves as “independent or contract nurses” in addition to their usual employment are automatically insured for Professional Indemnity Insurance provided that the member’s additional income does not exceed their annual gross salary as an employed nurse.

Q: Will I receive immediate legal assistance?
A: The Association should be contacted for assistance and we will provide legal assistance in accordance with our standing practice.

Q: Is there a waiting period?
A: No. If you are a financial member of the Association at the time of the incident giving rise to a claim or inquiry you are automatically covered.

Q: Does the PII policy cover members who work in both the public and private sector where they have different employers?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I increase the limit on indemnity?
A: No. $10,000,000 per claim and $50,000,000 in any one policy year is the maximum limit available.

Q: I am a retired nurse and no longer a financial member of the Association. Would this policy extend to protect me whilst I was working?
A: The policy will also cover you as an ex-financial member as long as the incident that gave rise to the claim occurred whilst you were a financial member of the Association.

Q: Does the policy provide Public Liability Cover?
A: No.

Q: Are midwifery practices covered?
A: Where midwives are employees they are covered in relation to midwifery practice, however, there is no cover provided for home birth practices.

Q: I am a new member of the Association; with this membership do I get professional indemnity cover?
A: As a financial member of the Association your membership entitles you to PII cover for nursing and midwifery practice in the following circumstances:

  • You are a nursing/midwifery employee;
  • You do not earn more in private practice than you do as an employee;
  • You are/were a financial member of the Association at the time of an incident giving rise to an inquiry; and
  • You notified the Association at the time that a claim is/was made against you.

It is important to note that:

  1. There is no cover provided for any home birth practice, whether as an employee or as a private practitioner.
  2. Your employer is liable for any civil claim and they are responsible for providing insurances (go to website for more details).
  3. You must notify the Association as soon as you are aware of a claim or circumstances that are likely to give rise to a claim.