Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation reports/factsheets

  • Aged Care Staffing Levels and Skills Mix Project December 2016
  • Aussie values – worth fighting and voting for – an ANMF discussion paper on the Abbott Government’s 2013-14 Commission of Audit June-July 2014
  • ‘What Nurses Want’ – the first national survey on nurses’ attitudes to work in Australia
  • Primary health care in Australia | A nursing and midwifery consensus view
  • Ensuring quality, safety and positive patient outcomes | Why investing in nursing makes $ense
  • Balancing risk and safety for our community | Unlicensed workers in the health and aged care system
  • Access Economics Report on Nurses in Residential Aged Care
  • ANMF Fact Sheet No. 1: Snapshot of the Australian Nursing Federation
  • ANMF Fact Sheet No. 2: Snapshot of nursing in Australia
  • ANMF Fact Sheet No. 3: Snapshot of nursing careers, qualifications and experience
  • ANMF Fact Sheet No. 4: Snapshot of aged care
  • ANMF Fact Sheet No. 5: Snapshot of nursing roles in primary health care
  • ANMF Fact Sheet No. 6: Snapshot of nurse practitioners in Australia
  • ANMF Fact Sheet No. 7: Snapshot of general practice nurses in Australia
  • ANMF submissions
  • ANMF policies, guidelines and position statements

Reports by other external bodies

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