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The Edith Cavell Trust is a memorial to Edith Cavell, a British army nurse who was executed in Belgium in 1915 during the First World War. She remains an inspiration to nurses everywhere.

Born in England in 1865, Edith was an accomplished linguist, musician and artist. After a distinguished nursing career in England, she was invited by a surgeon to establish a nursing school in Brussels.

When World War 1 started, Edith stayed to nurse wounded soldiers, some of them German. Tragically, she was executed by the German authorities because of her efforts to help Belgian and other Allied refugees escape.

Australians raised money to perpetuate her memory by providing a rest home for nurses returning from World Wars I and II. When it became clear in the 1990s that retired nurses were no longer in need of a home, the NSW Nurses’ Association decided to find another enduring way to commemorate Edith Cavell.

In 1992 the Edith Cavell Trust became a reality, established to support nursing research and nurse education, today and for future generations of nurses, with a Committee of Trustees diligently managing all aspects of the Trust.

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