All in a community nursing day

A glimpse of nursing through community eyes

A few of you may be in for a surprise

Each day we drive far and wide

Using a map as our guide

Visit homes of every shape, colour and size


Today we will all have six hours on the road

Everyone raises complaint about the load

After all can’t you all see

There won’t be time for coffee

Also no lunch in view of our big workload


The first visit that will be on today’s list

Is just a dressing on a woman’s right wrist

She had a fall just outside

Couldn’t stop although she tried

She is glad that a head injury was missed


Now I’ll be off to a house down by the shore

It is plain to see they’re certainly not poor

Two full leg dressings later

His legs look so much neater

With my layered compression bandages times four


The next client is one I have been dreading

Every visit shows squalor that is spreading

After a verbal exchange

And a quick catheter change

I sure wish she would at least change her bedding


Two hours down and now there are only four more

At the next house I don’t know what is in store

A risk assessment to do

And drainage measurement too

In a week she will not need us anymore


At Alf’s house there is no answer at the door

I looked in and there he was upon the floor

Telephoned his next of kin

Who then came to let me in

Ambulance is on their way just to be sure


I reach the next man thirty minutes later

Once there I have to wait for the translator

Have education to do

And some observations too

I must watch how he uses his inhaler


After that I attend a PICC line dressing

Though I try I find that it is not flushing

I try every trick I know

Everything is a ‘no go’

So I send her in for some troubleshooting


The last visit of my day started at three

At the little yellow house by the gum tree

She will be at home for sure

And as she opens the door

She will say:” You’re just in time for some hot tea”


I am tired because my day it was so long

Everything that could go wrong did just go wrong Documentation to do

And some rehydration too

As they say ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you strong’


What will make me come and do it all again?

What does motivate me now as it did then?

It’s the profession I love

No other job I dream of

So I’ll be here day by day ’til God knows when’!

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