May I Hold Your Hand: A Nurse’s Poem

short-story-thumbsAs a nurse you never know your impact, or the hope that you instill,
on the lives of others who may have lost their will
to keep hoping and believing when their journey seems so dark.
You help them see life can improve with new hopes and dreams on which to embark.
A small but simple gesture can help a person cope
through the toughest times when there seems to be no hope.

The day I faced great sadness, a nurse was there for me.
I hope she reads my poem and knows that it was she,
who helped me through my journey, when I was so very sad.
She sat and let me know she cared, whilst she held my hand.
My poem’s not self- indulgent, I don’t feel sorry for myself.
I want my nurse to know how much I appreciated her help.

As a nurse I was used to plans and staying in control.
But, alas, this changed one day, my story will unfold.
The Doctor’s words still haunt me, the day we had our scan,
her words of my baby’s heart failure were not within in our plans.
“This baby’s not going to make it”, her words I could not believe,
our joy and excitement taken, the sadness can’t be concealed.

My nurse sat and listened to me, as thoughts wondered through my mind
She wiped my tears and listened, her eyes so very kind:

“I’ll never see him laughing, or be there when he’s sad”.
All the while she comforted me, and she held my hand.
“I’ll never see his hair grow long or the colour of his eyes”.
“We will never walk together or watch the morning sunrise”.
“He will never meet his brother, who’s the best in every way,
he would have cared so much for him and make him laugh each day”.

Losing a child takes away a piece of you and is so unexpected,
and it seems that absolutely nothing can resurrect it.
The things in life that once seemed important now take second place,
your children’s health is what matters and seeing happiness on their face.
Having a nurse who takes the time to care and let it show
Allows healing to take place and your faith and hope to grow.

I have healed and look back and appreciate the nurse rostered on that day.
A simple touch and giving me some time helped in every way.
When I’m at work and haven’t got words that soothe female or man.
I will gently ask my patients “may I hold your hand?”

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