No GST rise. Make corporations pay their fair share.

The Turnbull Liberal government appears to be playing the old ‘carrot and stick’ game with tax reform.

On one hand, the government wants to give big corporations and wealth Aussies massive tax, while on the other hand they’re considering hiking the GST.

This is yet another attack on hard working people and our living standards – they want to us to pay more GST to fund bigger tax cuts to the wealthy business sector.

It’s well known that any increases to the GST will impact low and middle income earners the most. Already, low income households pay almost 2.5 times as much of their income on GST than those on the higher incomes.

The labour movement is opposed to slugging working Australians with increases to the GST. We support an economy where everyone contributes their fair share of tax and we want a tax system that delivers revenue to support healthcare, quality education, equal opportunities and a fair go.

Sign the petition calling on the Turnbull Liberal government to close tax avoidance loopholes and rorts being exploited by the rich and ensure everyone pays their fair share of tax in Australia.

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