Podcasts: Mental health and drug & alcohol nurses forum 18 July 2014

This mental health and drug and alcohol nurses’ forum was extremely well attended.

Lisa Ferguson, Drug and Alcohol CNC at St Vincent’s Hospital in inner-city Sydney, was the first speaker of the day, on the role of the drug and alcohol liaison nurse.

Lisa Ferguson speaks at Drug & Alcohol Forum 18_7_14

Listen to a podcast of Lisa’s talk.

Lisa Ferguson addresses the Drug & Alcohol Nurses Forum 18_7_14

What is a mental health nurse doing in Community Services? – Kt Harvey and Alan Grochulski (below), Clinical consultants, Clinical Issues Unit, Community Services

Kt Harvey & Alan Grochulski field questions 18_7_14

Forensic mental health – Elizabeth Roberts, Brad Roser, Chris Marsland, Jane Jackson and Shona Macleod, Clinical nurse consultants, Forensic Hospital, Malabar

Forensic Mental Health speakers Brad Roser, Chris Marsland, Jane Jackson & Shona Macleod 18_7_14

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