Ramsay negotiations slowly make progress

The Ramsay negotiating team met with management on Tuesday 3 February to try and make progress on key claims.

There is “in principle” agreement on a number of claims; however, we await a full response from Ramsay on key claims for supernumerary in charge, improved on call, paid e-learning and a total wages offer.

Please see the status of our claims at 9 February 2015.

Some development on a process to resolve staffing issues

Progress has been made on our discussions regarding resolution of staffing issues.

Ramsay has agreed to include an improved process with timeframes for dealing with staffing issues and the inclusion of staffing as a regular agenda item at ward/unit meetings.

Ramsay question whether there is a workload problem for those in charge

Thanks to your feedback, we were able to provide more information to management about the workload problems facing those nurses in charge of wards/units and hospitals.

Importantly, we were able to provide your views on some solutions to these problems, e.g. hospital in charge should be supernumerary at all times, in charge of ward/unit should be supernumerary or carry a reduced patient load where it is safe to do so, more administrative support is required out of hours, and have a floater available to move between wards where nursing numbers are low.

Response to claim for improved on call provisions

In response to our claim for improved remuneration for on call and accrual of additional leave for those who are regularly rostered on call, Ramsay has said they will agree to a clause where nurses have the right to request to opt out of on call where management will agree to it.

The Association explained that this would not address the current Ramsay on call rate being lower than other hospitals, or the use of on call to cover up poor rostering practices.  The discussions are continuing.

Meal break on overtime

Management agreed to amend the existing agreement to ensure that after two hours of overtime, nurses will be entitled to either a meal or meal allowance and a break.

Quick shifts

There is “in principle” agreement to limiting quick shifts to a maximum of two in seven days.

Ramsay yet to respond on key claims

Senior Ramsay management advised they will respond to our claim for an increase of 5% p.a. to wages and allowances and improved paid parental leave at the next meeting.

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