Relaxing of lockout laws reckless for Newcastle

The NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association (NSWNMA) has urged the Berejiklian Government to resist pressure from the alcohol industry to relax late night trading restrictions across Newcastle venues.

Introduced in 2008, the Newcastle lockout laws for pubs, clubs and bars prompted a dramatic cut in the number of alcohol-related injuries and presentations to hospital emergency departments, as well as a drop in anti-social behaviour.

NSWNMA General Secretary, Brett Holmes, has echoed concerns expressed by the Police Association of NSW.

“We hold grave concerns about any rollback of these reasonable limits that have been proven to save lives and livelihoods in Newcastle and across the Lower Hunter,” said Mr Holmes.

“Ultimately, millions of dollars in public funding of health care and rehabilitation has been saved, following a drop in aggressive behaviour and violent incidents over the past 12 years.

“Now we see attempts by the alcohol lobby to claw back control of liquor laws in NSW, under the guise of a strategy to reinvigorate the night-time economy.

“How many more lives have to be lost to alcohol-fuelled violence before governments stop manipulating these laws? It is reckless.”

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