Scoping Advanced Practice Nursing: a national survey

Queensland University of Technology and University of Technology Sydney are undertaking an important study into the activities and level of nursing and midwifery practice in different positions, titles and grades. The survey is open to all Australian registered nurses and midwives currently employed in a clinical/health care environment.

The online survey is open until Sunday 6 April 2014 and NSWNMA members are encouraged to contribute their views to ensure that the clinical work and scope of practice of New South Wales nurses and midwives is well represented in the results.

This survey is essential to understand the definition/meaning of advanced practice for the professions of nursing and midwifery in Australia and for the health industry to understand the service capability of different levels of practice.  It also has implications for nursing and midwifery clinicians when considering postgraduate education options and their career planning.

Eminent nursing academics Professor Glenn Gardner (Queensland University of Technology) and Professor Christine Duffield (University of Technology, Sydney) are conducting the study.

The study’s findings will be critical to informing the ANMF and employers on changes needed to our career structure to reflect contemporary clinical practice.

Please don’t miss the opportunity to contribute to this important study; it is in its final weeks.

APN Study-FLYER_001

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