Unions for Transfusions officially a 2012 success story

Unions For Transfusions, the union program to encourage blood donations across New South Wales, is celebrating a successful 2012, with over 700 pledges to donate gathered and given to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

Eighteen workplaces have been visited over the year, some multiple times. Nepean Hospital, for example, has now developed a relationship with their local Australian Red Cross Blood Service officer and organise the blood bus to collect workers to go to donor centre on a regular basis.

The General Secretary of the NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association Brett Holmes said the program was now a proven success.

“The Australian Red Cross Blood Service has told us they love this campaign,” Mr Holmes said.

“By activating our membership and the membership of other unions across the state, we can give a tremendous boost to the vital work the ARCBS does. They have told us this program is making a big difference in improving the supply of blood and blood products in NSW.

“A lot of the 700-plus pledges that have been collected are first time donors. Meanwhile, we know some of the workplace visits have coincided with times of dire blood shortage this year, the Far North Coast and Wollongong, in particular. Our events have helped alleviate the situations in those areas. I’m tremendously proud of this achievement.”

Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon also said he was proud of the program’s achievements this year.

“Unions for Transfusions has been a huge success story in 2012,” Mr Lennon said. “Workers have embraced this campaign, because they see the vital importance to their communities.

“Unions have been able to do what they do best – helping to organise people for the greater good. Workplace managements have been happy to endorse this campaign and have enjoyed the very positive media that is generated for their facilities.”

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