A Tribute to Annabel

short-story-thumbsThe baby cried, and Annabel smiled

A new life has just been born

And tears of joy were wiped away

While the pain was all but gone

Annabel blessed the little bundle

And placed him in his crib

Then offered the new mum something to eat

After removing her running drip


Down the corridor she walked

Stealthily and so quiet

To allow her patients to get some sleep

She tried with all her might

For those who needed an extra blanket

Or a warm drink before bed

Annabel never compromised

To meet their needs as said


The children all came running out

For a hug and a special smile

Annabel sneaked them a sweet or two

And played with them for a while

Whilst peals of laughter rang out loud

Through the cold and dreary wall,

Annabel savoured these precious moments

With Mary, Kate and Paul


When the young man who became an amputee

Was saddened by his loss

Annabel was there at his bedside

To help him bear his cross

He looked toward her with gratitude

As he put on his prosthetic leg

And took his new baby steps

Towards his girlfriend Meg


The woman in Room 25

Just learned about her fate

She has stage 4 cancer

It just might be too late

Annabel held her hand so tight

While emotions were running high

Please stay with me, precious nurse

I’m so afraid to die


Then there was this time

When she stayed back after work

To support a patient’s wife

Knowing there was no perk

After the surgery was over

The doctor had good news

Annabel then went home

Through the cold and misty mews


The oldies knew they had no chance

When Annabel was around

She spun them around in their wheelchair

With their feet touching the ground

Sometimes she would sing to them

While serving their favourite meal

Don’t give up on life as yet, she said

You are as young as you feel


Annabel carried herself

With dignity and with pride

Upholding the laws of the profession

With her values as a guide

She never spent a moment

In idleness and in vain

Her aim was to learn everything

That may contribute to her gain


Her overwhelming presence

Was sensed by one and all

Especially the new students

Whom she mentored through the fall

From seniors to the juniors

Even those she briefly knew

Were in awe of her being

As her popularity grew


And as the years passed on

Annabel was becoming frail

She could not nurse any longer

But she left a blazing trail

She raised the bar too high

In the quest for patient care

Her standards non negotiable

Her qualities rich and rare


And so it came to pass

When Annabel breathed her last

Saying goodbye to this world

And to all things present and past

A nurse who went beyond

The call of duty was now gone

Leaving behind memories

And a profession in mourn


The people cried, and the preacher smiled

As Annabel was laid to rest

She gave us so much inspiration

She was simply the best

The bells then tolled for the final time

So soothing and with ease

We all said a final farewell

We love you Annabel, rest in peace


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