ANMF welcomes new support payments for student nurses & midwives

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) has commended the Albanese Government on new support payments for student nurses and midwives undertaking clinical placement training.

Under the ‘Commonwealth Prac Payment’, eligible undergraduate nursing and midwifery students and diploma of nursing students will be paid $319.50 a week during their mandatory clinical and professional training periods.

ANMF Federal Secretary Annie Butler said the payments would finally recognise the financial and social pressures student nurses and midwives face while completing their studies and completing mandatory clinical placements, for those studying to become registered nurses, this includes a minimum of 800 hours in placements.

“The ANMF has long-advocated for paid support for students undertaking mandatory clinical placements, which is why this is a big win for our student nurses and midwives,” Ms Butler said.

“Whilst on placement, students not only lose their income from their usual paid work, but are then forced to pay for a range of other out-of-pocket costs, such as travel and tolls, finding an affordable rental property, parking, childcare, uniforms and other accessories needed for their mandatory training.

“It’s a huge financial and social burden on them to complete their nursing and midwifery course at a time when the cost-of-living pressures continue to grow.

“We have seen an increasing number of students dropping out of courses – which means Australia has lost future nurses and midwives because they can’t afford to complete their studies.

“This new payment will help alleviate these costs and better support students who need to complete their clinical placements before starting their career. Alleviating financial burdens will also encourage more students into the nursing and midwifery workforce – supporting them through their, often, challenging courses.

“The ANMF has been making the case for clinical placement reform as a platform to address workforce retention and recruitment and we commend the Albanese Government for helping the nurses and midwives of tomorrow.”

The payment will be means-tested and available from 1 July, 2025, in addition to any income support a student may also receive.

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