Asbestos. Not here. Not anywhere

Asbestos kills, yet in some countries it is still mined, manufactured and used. Everyday thousands of people are still exposed to deadly asbestos.

While some people profit, other people die. As long as Asbestos is being used anywhere, it remains a risk, everywhere.

Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA is building a movement of people in Australia to join with movements of people in countries in South East Asia in their efforts to see asbestos banned and eradicated.

A Professional reference group on asbestos has been set up as part of the APHEDA ‘Asbestos not here, not anywhere’ global campaign for nurses passionate about Asbestos advocacy with a knowledge on Asbestos related diseases.

By joining you will be part of a group campaigning for a global ban on asbestos to help stop asbestos exposure in Australia. Submit expressions of interest to ge********@ns****.au.


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