Boycott Carlton United Breweries this Melbourne Cup

Join the CUB boycott on Melbourne Cup Day. Take a selfie with this poster and put it up on your social media with the hashtag #boycottCUB.


55 critical maintenance workers at the Carlton United Breweries (CUB) site in Melbourne were sacked and re-offered their positions at 35% of their original pay.

This is an affront to workers’ rights and an attack on Australian jobs.

That’s why this Melbourne Cup, we’re asking you to Boycott CUB and show your support for these workers.

To do this, take a selfie with this poster and put it up on social media with the hashtag #boycottCUB.

Choose a different beverage this Melbourne Cup day and keep the boycott of CUB going until they reinstate their workers at full pay.

Here’s a list of all CUB drinks to avoid.

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