Calling on nurses to support voluntary euthanasia Bill

The Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation officially supports a law for voluntary euthanasia and a Bill is coming up very soon in South Australia. The ANMF is a partner in this powerful Go Gentle Australia campaign to ask people to Be the Bill – to put a face to the debate.

The first person to Be the Bill is Kylie Monaghan, who has cancer.

Nurses and midwives are on the frontline every day, working with patients and their families and providing treatment, care and emotional support. You witness more than anyone else the damage, harm and trauma that is taking place in the absence of legislation. [See our recent article on The Nurse voice in the voluntary euthanasia debate.]

csoclirusamdegbNurses remain one of the most trusted voices in Australia, one that politicians will listen to. If you think that no Australian should be left to die in unrelievable pain, please take this small action, put your own face to this discussion – Be the Bill.

be-the-billYou can create a personalised version of the Bill by clicking here and it will instantly be sent to the politicians. The click of a button substitutes your name throughout the whole Bill, replacing the abstract legal term ‘person’ with your name, reminding politicians that this is about real people.

Thank you.

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