Promoting diversity and inclusion for CALD nurses and midwives


The NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association opposes any act of racial discrimination perpetrated against individuals directly, or indirectly as an outcome of organisational culture and practices. If you’re experiencing any form of racism at work, contact us for support.
Series Introduction

Julie Ngwabi

Your Health Matters

Nurse and Midwife Support

How does culture influence work experience in a foreign country?

Jay Balante

A kitchen table discussion with Dr Virginia Mapedzahama, Director of Research, African Women Australia

Dr Virginia Mapedzahama

Update on the National Anti-Racism Framework and ‘Racism It Stops With Me’ Campaign

Australian Human Rights Commission

Social Relations of Work: What really matters for culturally and linguistically diverse nurses?

Dr Shobha Nepali

Working in Multicultural Teams

Selen Akinci

Bystander Action

Selen Akinci

Q&A with Sophie Cotsis MP

Sophie Cotsis MP

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