New Graduate program

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  • Aged care facility
  • 10-month program
  • 3 weeks supernumerary
  • Multiple site locations:
  • Support Networks – a preceptor, the facility management and the clinical support team will be there to help you successfully complete
  • Study Days – an annual schedule of training days to ensure that you learn the right skills
  • Opportunities for 2nd year specialty programs such as the advanced program: The Regis Advance Registered Nurse program is a 4-month commitment designed to support the development of their most talented Registered Nurses who aspire to become Clinical Managers of the future.  This course provides a career pathway that enables these Registered Nurses to act in relieving Clinical Manager roles to backfill leave and support other homes, thus gaining valuable experience and supporting their career development. The Advance program provides 5 days of face-to-face learning lead by subject matter experts covering: Advanced Clinical Care, clinical oversight, audit and analysis of clinical indicators data, Human resource management, business skills, funding and documentation, People management and leadership, Participants receive in-depth coaching and support throughout the program from Clinical Managers as they work through a series of activities to complete the requirements of their program.  Their hard work is then celebrated with a Graduation day
  • Opportunity to participate in the boost program. Ensures all Regis Nurses are delivering consistently high-quality care to residents. BOOST is a 3-day face-to-face program lead by subject matter experts who are themselves experienced Registered Nurses. BOOST focusses on clinical documentation, specialised nursing care, shift management and leadership skills.  Classes consist of small cohorts of Enrolled and Registered Nurses which enable the sharing of experiences and ensures competence.



Regis offers a number of nursing opportunities to those passionate about aged care. They value the remarkable work their employees do and continuously provide opportunities and pathways to Regis team members.



The role of the Registered Nurse is the holistic assessment and personalised planning of therapeutic and daily care needs of their residents/clients. Registered Nurses focus on delivering high quality, coordinated clinical care which involves the delegation and supervision of Enrolled Nurses and Carers, and collaboration with the person, their decision-makers (if applicable), and medical and other health professionals.



Regis invests significantly in its’ professional development programs to enable their employees to make a career out of doing what they love. Continued organisational growth means we are uniquely placed to offer exceptional opportunities and pathways which ensure we attract, retain and build on the passion and knowledge of their people. Whether team members are looking to fast track their career or want to improve skills in a specific area, programs are available via a range of mediums – face-to-face, online through People Central Learning or through one of the education providers we partner with.



The Graduate Nurse Preceptor is responsible for working with each Graduate Nurse to build clinical skills, confidence, leadership capability, critical thinking and decision-making ability, following a structured development framework. The Preceptor provides support visits to Graduates, shadowing Graduates as they work, providing one-to-one coaching on the job.  The Preceptor also consults with the Facility Manager and Clinical Manager about the Graduate’s progress against program milestones.

You can find out more about career opportunities by visiting careers page here.



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Enrolled Nurse Transition to Practice Programs

Enrolled Nurses work under the delegation and supervision of Registered Nurses to provide and coordinate the care of residents/clients, supervise Care staff and support the effective and efficient functioning of the care team.  Enrolled Nurses are responsible for ongoing assessment, planning and evaluation of resident/client care, acting as a resource for employees supporting and monitoring training and assessing the competency of care staff.

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