St George Hospital

Nursing GradStart

  • February or April intakes
  • 2 x 6-month rotations in areas such as medical, surgical, paediatrics and specialty areas including intensive care (ICU) and emergency. Perioperative stream includes 2 x 6-month rotations through Instrument/Circulator, Anaesthetics, Day Surgery Unit, Post Anaesthetic Care Unit (PACU) or Endoscopy service
  • Offers a specialised orientation to the organisation and supernumerary status at the commencement of each of your clinical rotations.
  • To support your career, you will be provided individualised learning and development opportunities and access to in-service and continuing professional education
  • A certificate of completion is provided to you following completion of the GradStart program
  • opportunities are provided for you to obtain employment at St George based on position availability and successful application.
  • After completion of GradStart program, St George provides you with the opportunity to continue to transition into critical care. This specialty transition, called the Critical Care Program, provides you with the opportunity to practice nursing in a high technology area without any previous experience, subject to your successful application.



Sharon Curtis
General Stream
Ph: (61) (2) 9113 2164
Email: Sh***********@he****.au

Suellen Moore
Perioperative Stream
Telephone: (+61) (2) 9113 3247
Email: Su***********@he****.au

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Midwifery GradStart

  • February intake
  • Temporary fulltime employment
  • 12-month program
  • Offers supernumerary clinical orientation days
  • study days tailored to your clinical needs.
  • Rotations through the Women’s & Children’s Service Line (St George and Sutherland Hospital) based on their needs and our requirements. This will include rotations to gain experience in antenatal, intrapartum care as well as both hospital and community postnatal care. A specialty rotation of either group practice or outreach team midwifery may be considered.


Midwifery Educator
Ph: (61) (2) 9113 2265 

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