Joan Hardy Scholarship for post-graduate nursing research


The National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) has established a $5000 scholarship in memory of the late Joan Hardy, who died in 2003.

Joan Hardy was active in higher education unionism for over 30 years, during which time she held many positions at local and state levels. She was the first woman President of UACA (one of the predecessors to NTEU), a position she occupied for five years. Joan was a tireless advocate for union amalgamation and was a key negotiator in the formation of NTEU, becoming Vice-President when the Union was formed in 1993.

The Joan Hardy Scholarship for post-graduate nursing research recognises the contributions Joan Hardy made to higher education and higher education unionism.


The Scholarship is available for any student undertaking a study, by research, of nurses, nursing culture or practices, or historical aspects of nursing as a lay or professional practice. The student need not therefore be or have been a nurse and can be undertaking the study in disciplines/schools other than nursing.

Applicants must be currently enrolled in postgraduate studies, by research, in an academic award of an Australian public university, and expect to submit the thesis within one year of being awarded the Scholarship.

The Scholarship will be paid in two instalments: half on the awarding of the Scholarship and the remainder on evidence of submission of the thesis.

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What you need to submit:

There is no application form to complete, but applications should include the following information:

  1. Details of current study focus. A summary (300-500 words) of your research question and its value to nursing.
  2. Current CV.
  3. Evidence of award enrolment from your university.
  4. Demonstration of capability of completion within one year of being awarded the Scholarship. Your referee could note this in their referee letter and the relevant research office can confirm.
  5. Expected date of completion of award. State the date and ask your referees to make a note of this in their referee letter and ask the relevant research office to confirm this.
  6. Two written references. For example, from your primary and/or secondary supervisor, your unit manager if they are involved in your thesis or are supervising you in your thesis, the head of research committee. References need to be no more than 1-page max and briefly outline the merit of your study and expected completion date.
  7. Evidence of trade union membership. Your membership number from the relevant Union (e.g. NTEU or ANMF or other relevant trade union). If you are not a member of any trade union, and you are currently studying and/or teaching/lecturing at your university, then I suggest you join the NTEU. To join, go to:

How to submit the application:

Collate all the documentation in the above numbered order as one PDF file and email to Helena Spyrou hs*****@nt**.au

Further information:

Email hs*****@nt**.au | mobile: 0419339259

Applications close on Friday 25 August 2023. A decision will be made in September 2023.

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